When - due to diversity - the linguistic, behavioural, and cultural codes are different or unknown by the individuals, with no presence of common background that can act as a bridge, the possible and desired cooperation collapses into conflict.

Conflictual collaboration

Conflictual collaboration is a form of collaboration highly distributed in groups with a lack of transparency, very low information flow, or simply social and cultural diversity which is not accepted or even worse that is forced into orthodoxy or uniformity.

Common codes

How do we create bridges then? Integrating and explaining the different cultures, personalities and habits. Learning the beauty and the pleasure of the different. And creating common codes: while religions, traditions and languages may be different, values like love, respect, safety or concepts like friendship, children, motherhood can be strong common codes upon which we can build cross-diversity understanding. Enhancing empathy, the common code of feelings, can generate deep comprehension leading people feel accepted and part of a group..