What is trust?

Trust is, according to our research, the most relevant condition of cooperation. Trust is the probability, based on similar or past events, that an interaction with another human will be pleasurable or give pleasurable results.

The difference between trust and reliability

In the common language, and according to the different cultures, the word indicates both emotive trust and reliability. If I trust your values, your emotions, your personality, I trust in you. If you are reliable, I can count on you. So I can "emotively trust" you even if you are unreliable, because you are a person I "resonate with". And I can count on you even if you’re not a friend of mine, or even someone I don't like: you are a reliable person.

Betrayal and fear

What is the opposite of trust? When we are betrayed we tend to feel anger and a desire of damaging the person we thought was worth of trust. But why? Because the opposite of trust is fear, and fear brings to anger or terror.
We need to feel safe while doing things together!