Cooperation science and social technologies
for a pleasant social system

Cooperacy is a community experimenting a different social system. Dedicated to the study of Cooperation Science, Cooperacy proposes a new platform for enabling a complete cooperative social system fostering ecosystemic wellbeing. Our growing community of scientists, professionals and citizens are experimenting day by day a different way of making decisions, choosing for the good of the everyone and understanding which social technologies may bring people to appreciate their diversities and be happy together.


Find out who we are, why you could be interested in joining us and the latest news of the association.


Learn a new way to interpret the world, the society, your daily life decision making and the conditions that allow the possibility of cooperating.
Have access to our monthly webinars in which you can discuss your daily decisions and how they affect the world around you.


If you ever wanted to express your personality in a different social system, you can now make simple daily choices that trigger greater transformations at a larger scale. Joining Cooperacy you can participate to the first design democracy based on a collective funding platform, the practical and financial way we are enabling a social system based on wellbeing and delight.
We invest one euro per month in a common fund and decide together what to do with it. This simple little game train ourselves to think about the group and the environmnent, together with our personal delight. In turn, everyone of us learns how to cooperate, participates to members only Cooperation Science webinars or meetings, joins the discussion on how to better respect each other and gets along the way that leads to mutual enjoyment.

Personal enjoyment, collective delight, healthy ecosystem.